Family Violence, Sibling, and Peer Aggression During Adolescence - Associations with Behavioral Health Outcomese

The current study had two phases. Phase 1 assessed heterogeneity in peer and sibling aggression. Specifically, we tested the theory of intergenerational transmission of violence, by using early adolescent exposure to family violence as predictors of emergent profiles of peer and sibling aggression and how these profiles differ by demographics (i.e., sex, race/ethnicity). In Phase 2, we included exposure to family violence in a mixture model with peer and sibling aggression. This phase allowed us to examine family violence exposure and engagement in peer and sibling aggression in tandem.

Applying the Social-Ecological Framework to Understand the Associations of Bullying Perpetration Among High School Students - A Multilevel Analysis

The current study examined person and school level associaitons between family and school characteristics on individual rates of bullying behavior